V. International Symposium of Mount Ağrı and Noah’s Ark on 16-18 October 2019

Singapur Büyükelçiliği 11.10.2019


After the Great Flood, mankind has spread and expanded on earth once more with a limited number of survivors with Noah's Ark. The survivors are the ancestor of all humanity who spread to the earth after salvation with Noah's Ark whose name is identified with Mount Ağrı. Hereby, we invite you to Ağrı, the homeland of your ancestors, where humanity has spread on earth. Because all we are from Ağrı due to fact that it is the homeland of our forefathers even we live in different countries.

Mount Ağrı, which has not escaped from the attention of travelers, scholars, people and nations for centuries is the most significant mountain inspiring folk songs, legends, research, cinema, poetry and mythology in our country and in other parts of the world. Mount Ağrı, which is the biggest source of power and wealth of Anatolia and the Islamic World, constitutes the common point of intangible cultural heritage.

Mount Ağrı is majestic, satisfactory in terms of mountaineering and have an important place in monotheist religions and is known more than the mountains which have same height and even higher than it. Hence, the importance of the mountain is stated by western scientists as “The value of diamond for South Africa is equivalent to Mount Ağrı’s value for Turkey”.

One of the rare events that has kept its timeliness and mystery from ancient times to the present day is undoubtedly the Great Flood and the place that the Noah’s Ark was grounded. Noah's Ark, which has a great potential in terms of faith tourism and has been constantly put on the agenda by various scientists and Christian and Jewish clergy, will continue to maintain its mystery in future as it was in the past as a secret of holy Mount Ağrı.

In this regard, we welcome you all to Ağrı, where Noah as the second father of mankind after Adam residedto join the excursion to the holy sites of Noah’s Ark and the Great Flood on the Biblical Mount Ağrı, a common heritage of humanity hold sacred not only by three divine religions but also by most ancient civilizations, which is a part of series of events that is going take place within the V. International Symposium of Mount Ağrı and Noah’s Ark on 16-18 October 2019. As he stands for the symbol of salvation for the mankind, we gladly welcome you to the Land of Noah, Ağrı, in which each one will find something from the self.


Mehmet Burçin Gönenli Ambassador
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