Turkish e-Visa System, 1.2.2016

Under thee-Visa Application System launched in 2013 by the relevant Turkish authorities, citizens of particular countries on condition of meeting necessary requirements can obtain their visas through e-Visa system and at border gates.

This new system allows the foreigners who need to obtain visa for entry to Turkey to have their e-Visas in approximately 3 minutes with no need of applying at the Turkish missions abroad or visa desks at the border gates in Turkey.

As “sticker” and “stamp-type” visas are no longer issued at the border gates, foreign visitorsare able to get their e-Visas at the e-Visa kiosks or free “WIFI” areas since 1 April 2014.

It is possible to obtain ane-Visa 7/24 at everywhere with internet connection. The applicants can obtain their visas after they fill the necessary information concerning their identity, passport and travel dates and pay the fee online (if there is no exemption). Applicants will be able to pay fees with their debit cards in addition to their credit cards.


- Family and group applications can be made collectively and tour operators can apply for group visa on behalf of their customers.

- Contracted airline companies will receive the e-Visa applications through their own system and obtain e-Visa for their customers through e-Visa system.

Along withthe new electronic system, Turkish Diplomatic and Consular Missions abroad will continue to issue visas.


Mehmet Burçin Gönenli Ambassador
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