STFA’nın Çin Yeni Yılı Kutlaması Öğle Yemeği Konuşması

H. Taner Seben 24.02.2013
Dear members of the Singapore-Turkish Friendship Association, ladies and gentlemen,

On this festive occasion of the STFA’s Chinese New Year lunch I am pleased to be among friends of Singapore and Turkey.

As the Year of the Dragon gives way to the Snake, I wish you all prosperity and happiness with your families and friends.
Ancient Chinese wisdom says that a Snake in the house is a good omen because it means your family will not starve. So, I would say that this bountiful and pleasant lunch is a very befitting start for such a year.

Friendships begin through sharing. No matter what form or shape, sharing is the essence of building close ties both physically and emotionally. STFA is a living testament to what individuals can accomplish in creating a warm and sharing atmosphere among people of different cultures and backgrounds, enriching us at a personal and social level, which in turn translates into closer and richer ties between our countries.

I am glad to note that Turkey and Singapore are on a solid path of developing a reliable and solid partnership. Today, Turkey and Singapore enjoy increased interactions in almost every field. Within the last year alone there were 9 bilateral visits at Ministerial level from both countries. The recent successful visit of H.E. Foreign Minister K. Shanmugam to Turkey early last month constituted yet another important step in solidifying our friendship and cooperation.
International relations are being reconfigured, as new trends arise in global trade and communication technologies transform every aspect of social life. In these times of intense change, Turkey and Singapore are venturing into new spheres of cooperation. Strategically located in the epicenter of vibrant markets Turkey and Singapore are gateways to new market opportunities in their respective regions. I believe that our steady trade, coupled with increasing mutual investments herald a brighter future for our economic and political interactions.

Tourism and culture as well as social contacts not only provide an invaluable platform for people to people interactions, but it also allows communication and awareness between people at the most fundamental level. In this regard, I am happy to observe the growing interest among Singaporean citizens towards exploring Turkey and its culture. All Singaporeans I have talked to are very much aware and well informed about Turkey’s rich culture and historical heritage.

This association, through its events and activities, has displayed a successful performance in promoting a platform of intersociety dialogue, fostering an intimate connection between Turkish and Singaporean peoples.
I thank STFA and its President Mrs. Edita Grapçi Karcı for providing a means to help do that while cherishing our cultural diversity and deepening our collective understanding.

Let me finalize my words by wishing once again that the Year of the Snake will be as joyful, bountiful and prosperous as we hope it to be.
Gong Xi Fa Cai, Happy New Year, Yeni Yılınız Kutlu Olsun

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