"Tonight in İstanbul" adlı kültürel etkinlik açılış konuşması

A. Bülent Meriç 03.10.2008
Your Excellency, Minister Zainil Abidin Rasheed and Mrs. Rasheed

Distinguished Guests, Ladies & Gentlemen.

I have the pleasure to give our most heartfelt welcome to you at this night of Istanbul, in Singapore’s Asian Civilizations Museum.

Creating an atmosphere of Istanbul in Singapore has been a challenging task, since both cities are prominent centres of attraction in their respective geographies, with their peculiar characteristics.

Our starting point was to make you to experience a multidimensional Istanbul night with the delicous samples of Turkish cuisine, picturesque snapshots of Istanbul and an enjoyable cinematographic production which you will watch pretty soon.

Our Istanbul design also provided a background for the launch of the brilliant work of art, entitled “Istanbul=City of Two Continents”

The book, written by Mr. John Cleave, merits our acclaim and appreciation for the quality of its contents as well as its highly illustrative nature. My thanks go to the Didier Millet publishing house who have immaculately worked in cooperation with my Embassy.

Monsieur Didier Millet, merci beaucoup pour votre soutien a Istanbul, un de nos plus belles villes.

Ladies and Gentelmen,

If we think which aspect of Istanbul makes it distinctive of other cities, I think it is its intercontinental nature. Therefore, in my opinion, the title of the book is truly reflective of Istanbul’s pecularity. Istanbul is the only city on earth placed on two continents. Profiting from this unique location between Asia and Europe, it embraces both Western and Eastern cultures. The merger of distinguished, rich cultural traditions reveals itself everywhere in the city. The mosques, churches, synagogues display a unique combination of cultural heritage of religions.

Istanbul is used to be called “Der-Saadet” in the past, when it was the capital of the Ottoman Empire. “Der-Saadet”, a Persian word itself, means “gateway to happiness”. In fact, the city is full of treasures to make one happy, in accordance with his or her tastes. Treasures of Istanbul reveal themselves as the city is discovered step-by-step. The voyage of İstanbul never ends.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Now, lets discover Istanbul from a cinematographic perspective. Can richness be easily attained in the city? Why not…if only luck goes hand in hand with talent.

I will conclude by thanking our remaining two partners, namely the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and the Turkish Cultural Centre. Without their help, this event could not have been realized.

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